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Why Choose Journal Recommendation?

Take the guesswork out of identifying the right journal with our Journal Recommendation service. A subject-area expert reviews your manuscript and publishing goals to recommend the most relevant journals for your research – saving you valuable time and helping you reach the right audience.

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How Our Journal Recommendation Service Works


Provide your manuscript and publishing goals


Subject-area expert analyzes the scope of relevant journals to identify the best match


Expert identifies 3 to 5 journals that accept and regularly publish your manuscript type


Receive report on journal scope, indexing, Impact Factor, publication speed, and open access options

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$220 returned in 4 business days
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Journal Selection Features and Benefits

Subject-area Expert Recommendations

We match your manuscript to a subject-area expert with years of experience. All our subject-area experts are published authors and peer reviewers and have postgraduate-level qualifications in their field.

Our Journal selection experts will consider your manuscript against the journal scope, readership, impact factor, manuscript types, and visibility to provide you with a report detailing their top 3 to 5 journal suggestions.

Improve Your Chances of Acceptance

When making their Journal recommendations, our subject-area experts consider the scope of the journal and the types of articles those journals frequently publish. Submitting to one of your recommended journals increases your likelihood of being accepted. However, article acceptance decisions rest solely with the journal, and we cannot guarantee acceptance.

Pair with Editing or Formatting

Increase your chances of acceptance even further by ordering English Language Editing or Manuscript Formatting as well. If you’re interested in using multiple services, we recommend ordering them at the same time so our experts can recommend the best journals for your work, and then edit and format your manuscript for your chosen journal based on these recommendations.

Cross-Publisher Recommendations

Our goal is to help you find the right home for your research, whether that home is with Wiley or another publisher. To that end, our subject-area experts will consider journals from many publishers to provide you with the best recommendations for your work.

Journal Recommendation Samples

Check out these journal Selection report samples

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Journal Recommendation Sample 1

Editing Image

Journal Recommendation Sample 2

Editing Image

Journal Recommendation Sample 3

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