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Why Choose Manuscript Formatting Service?

Our Manuscript Formatting service is ideal for busy researchers. We format your manuscript to meet the guidelines of your chosen journal, so you can spend more time doing the research you love.

Manuscript Formatting

Our Manuscript Formatting experts are familiar with journal requirements and will

  • Meet layout guidelines and conventions

    Modify your page layout to conform to the guidelines and conventions of your chosen journal.We also indicate if you need to revise your manuscript or research paper to comply with word count restrictions in your title, running head, abstract, main text and figure legends.

  • Match your journal’s style guide

    We check your manuscript against the style guide of your chosen journal – ensuring that all images, figures and tables are placed correctly within the manuscript, and that figure titles and legends are standardized to journal specifications.

  • Follow reference guidelines

    We check your cited references for accuracy and update their format to comply with journal guidelines.

How Our Manuscript Formatting Service Works


Provide your manuscript and chosen journal


Expert formats manuscript to the journal’s guidelines and checks cited references for accuracy


Expert adds comments indicating needed revisions, such as word count restrictions


Download your formatted manuscript

Manuscript Formatting Pricing

$150 returned in 1 business day
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(Note: The delivery date will be customized for documents that are above 10,000 words)

Manuscript Formatting Features and Benefits

Expert Manuscript Preparation

Our formatting experts check your manuscript against your chosen journal’s style guide. They adjust the citations, references, and layout of the document to the correct conventions. They also move your figures and tables to the correct location in the manuscript, and standardize figure titles and legends to the specifications of your chosen journal.

Our Manuscript formatting experts are very familiar with APA, MLA, ACS, and AMA style manuals and will follow the journal’s guidelines to format your manuscript according to the appropriate style manual. Please note, we are currently not able to format equations or Bluebook style legal references.

Have figures you want formatted? Consider adding-on our Figure Formatting service when you place your order.

Reference Check

Our experts check and correct your cited references for accuracy based on information in published databases. They also check the order of your citations and references, and format them to comply with journal guidelines.

Language Style Check

Based on the preferred language style of your chosen journal, our experts check and correct spelling from American English to British English and vice versa.

Tracked Changes

Once complete, you receive your formatted manuscript with tracked changes, so you can see every adjustment made to your manuscript. A clean version, without tracked changes, is available on request.

Formatted Manuscript for Submission

We format manuscripts according to the journal’s guidelines for submission, which may look a little different from articles published in the journal. Some journals require a different format for submission to allow for easier peer review. If the manuscript is accepted, the journal may typeset and copyedit the manuscript before publication.

Manuscript Formatting Samples

Here are some Manuscript formatting samples.

Editing Image

Manuscript Formatting Sample 1

Editing Image

Manuscript Formatting Sample 2

Editing Image

Manuscript Formatting Sample 3

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