Infographic Creation Service to Communicate your research at a glance

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Why Choose Infographic Creation Service?

Communicate your research visually with an engaging infographic that summarizes your research at a glance. Great for sharing on websites, blogs, and social media – making your work accessible and understandable to a wider audience.

Choose Infographic Creation

Infographic Creation Options

Standard Infographic

Summary of your research in an engaging visual format

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Animated Infographic

Advanced, customized summaries allowing you to present an interactive showcase of your most-valued research

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Ideal for Social sharing Website placement
Turnaround time 7 business days 10 business days
Price $630 $1,000
Sample View Samples View Samples
Design Elements
Image type Static Animated
Design style Template Based Custom Design
Final file format PDF, JPG, and PNG MP4 and WMV
Inclusion of journal or university branding On request On request
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What You Receive

To ensure you have everything you need, you’ll receive

  • Your infographic in PDF, JPG, and PNG formats
    • PDF, JPG, and PNG formats for Standard Infographic
    • MP4 and WMV formats for animated infographics
  • Supporting text (English only) that includes…
    • Suggested description text for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
    • Social media hashtags
    • Search engine optimized alt text for infographic image (plus, an optimized video title and keywords for animated infographics)
    • Link to your article DOI
    • Detailed brief with tips and resources to help you maximize the reach of your infographic

How Our Infographic Creation Works


Provide your published or accepted article and supporting materials


Scientific writer summarizes your research


Design team creates your infographic


Approve and download final infographic

Infographic Creation Pricing

Standard Infographic

returned in
7 business days
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Animated Infographic

returned in
10 business days
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Infographic Creation Features and Benefits

Experienced Illustrators

An experienced team of illustrators and designers, led by a scientific writer with expertise in your subject area, will create your infographic.

Communicate Visually

Infographics are perfect for summarizing your research at a glance and can easily be shared on social media and websites, or in newsletters and press releases to promote your published article.

Need an image or figure to submit to the journal with your manuscript, consider our Academic Illustration service to create figures and illustrations for your article.

Two Infographic Types

To better support all researchers, we offer two types of infographics:

Standard Infographic summarize your research in an engaging visual format with a template-based design perfect for sharing on social media, blogs, and websites.

Animated Infographics showcase your research interactively with custom animations that are perfect for sharing on websites.

Source Materials

For our team to create your infographic, you’ll need to provide:

  • Your accepted or published article
  • Any original, high-resolution image files from or related to your article
  • Any supplementary tables and figures from your article
  • Any supporting material already created – such as slide decks, posters, or summaries

We accept most file types for files up to 100MB.

Infographic Creation Samples

Infographic Creation

Standard Infographic Sample 1

Infographic Creation

Standard Infographic Sample 2

Infographic Creation

Standard Infographic Sample 3

Video Abtract

Animated Infographic Sample 1

Video Shorts

Animated Infographic Sample 2

Animated Infographic

Animated Infographic Sample 3

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