Lay Summaries To Communicate your research in plain language

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Why Choose Lay Summaries?

Explain your research to all audiences with a 200-word Lay Summary. These concise, non-technical summaries convey the essentials of your research using plain language – helping you generate wider interest in your research.

A Lay Summary helps connect you with

  • Researchers in your field interested in collaborating on upcoming projects
  • Researchers from interdisciplinary fields who would benefit from your research
  • Policymakers and influencers interested in science-based change
  • Funders considering applications for future grants
Lay Summary
What You Receive

To ensure you have everything you need, you’ll receive

  • Your Lay Summary as a Word document with a search engine optimized headline
  • Supporting text (English only) that includes…
    • Social media hashtags
    • Keywords for search engine optimization
    • Suggested description text for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
    • Link to your article DOI

How Our Lay Summaries Works


Provide your published or accepted article


Scientific writer summarizes
your research


Senior reviewer checks summary for scientific accuracy


Download and share your summary with anyone, anywhere

Lay Summaries Pricing

$275 returned in 5 business days
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Lay Summaries Features and Benefits

Experienced Writers

We match your article with an experienced scientific writer and senior reviewer who specialize in your subject area.

Communicate Widely

Your scientific writer will summarize the “what and why” of your research in plain language that is suitable for a lay audience. These 200-word summaries are perfect for use in newsletters, blogs, research grant applications and clinical trial explanations. You can also expand your reach by sharing quotes from your summary on social media with a link to your article or summary.

Ready to Release

You can request a Lay Summary as soon as your article is accepted for publication and our writers will create your summary before your article publishes, so you can plan ahead for your article promotion.

You’ll receive your summary as a Word document with a search engine optimized headline, sub-heading, and keywords. You’ll also receive supporting text for social media and a detailed brief with tips and resources to help you maximize the reach of your lay summary.

Lay Summaries Samples

Here are some samples to help you decide.

Editing Image

Lay Summaries sample 1

Editing Image

Lay Summaries sample 2

Editing Image

Lay Summaries sample 3

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