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Why Choose Video Creation?

Create a Video Short or Video Abstract and turn your findings into an engaging and accessible overview that’s perfect for sharing on websites and social media – extending the reach and visibility of your research.

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Video Options

Video Short

1 minute overview of your work

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Video Abstract

2 minute custom video that summarizes the full story of your research

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Ideal for reaching Lay audiences Scientifically literate audiences
Turnaround time 7 business days 15 business days
Price $525 $1,850
Sample View Samples View Samples
Visual Elements
Imagery Stock Images Custom Animation
Inclusion of journal logo
Audio Elements
Production process Guided process to help you create compelling text Professional script writing based on your manuscript
Video Promotion and Resources
NEW! Posted alongside your article on Wiley Online Library
Posted on Wiley’s YouTube channel
Posted on BrightCove
Posted in journal’s video gallery (participating journals only)
May be posted on Wiley’s social media channels Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, and Weibo, as appropriate Facebook and Weibo, as appropriate
Detailed brief with tips and resources to help you maximize the reach of your video
Support kit that includes a slide deck of still images from your video, the video script, and the video audio file
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What You Receive

To ensure you have everything you need, you’ll receive

  • Video file in MP4 and WMV format
  • Audio file in WAV format
  • Slide deck of video images
  • Supporting text (English only) that includes keywords:
    • Search engine optimized video title
    • Suggested video description text
    • Link to your article DOI
How It Works

Provide your published or accepted article and supporting materials


Experts summarize your research into a draft script


Approve draft script – production team then creates your video


Download your video and share with anyone, anywhere

What Our Clients Say

More Information About Video Creation

Experienced Video Production

An experienced production team with scientific experts, scriptwriters, voiceover artists, illustrators, and animators will create your video.

Two Video Types

To better support all researchers, we offer two video types:

Video Shorts are 1 minute overview videos using stock imagery, music, and subtitles. These are best suited for lay audiences and are perfect for sharing on social media.

Video Abstracts are 2 minute videos using custom animations and voiceover to summarize your research. These are best suited for scientifically literate audiences and are perfect for websites and presentations.

Professional Script Writing

When you order a Video Abstract, your scientific writer creates a professional script based on your manuscript and will ask you to provide feedback and final approval on the video script – involving you with the production from beginning to end.

When you order a Video Short, your scientific writer guides you through the process of drafting a compelling video script, which is then used to create your final video.

Source Materials

For our production team to create your video, you’ll need to provide:

  • Your accepted or published article
  • Any original, high-resolution image files from or related to your article
  • Any supplementary tables and figures from your article
  • Any supporting material already created – such as slide decks, infographics, posters, or summaries

We accept most file types for files up to 100MB.

Video Hosting and Sharing

To help you get the most from your video, we post it alongside your article on Wiley Online Library and in the journal’s video gallery page. You also receive a video link from the video hosting platform Brightcove. Plus, Wiley uploads your video to the Wiley YouTube channel, and may share it on Wiley social media channels.

Still Considering?

Here are some samples.

Video Abtract

Video Short Sample 1

Video Shorts

Video Short Sample 2

Animated Infographic

Video Short Sample 3

Video Abtract

Video Abstract Sample 1

Video Shorts

Video Abstract Sample 2

Animated Infographic

Video Abstract Sample 3

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