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Why Choose Figure Formatting Service?

The use of appropriate figures in your article can help communicate your findings and strengthen your research message. Our Figure Formatting service revises and formats your charts, graphs, photos, and illustrations to meet the journal’s artwork guidelines – such as figure size, resolution, colors, labelling, and file formats. Let us handle the details, so you can spend more time doing the research you love.

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You can order Figure Formatting on its own, or alongside our Manuscript Formatting service.
Need a new figure or illustration created? Check out our Academic Illustration service.

How Our Figure Formatting Service Works


Provide your editable figure files and details


Designer formats to the journal’s artwork guidelines


Expert editor reviews for consistency & technical accuracy


Approve and download your final figures

Figure Formatting Pricing

$70 per figure,
two figures per day
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Figure Formatting Features and Benefits

Publication-ready Figure Files

With Figure Formatting service, our artwork preparation experts provide you with publication ready figure files. We set your scientific and academic figures to the correct size, resolution, color scheme, and layout with the required labelling and file type to meet the specifications of your chosen journal.

We’re able to prepare your figures either before submission or after acceptance, but we are not able to prepare graphs or figures from raw, unanalyzed data. Please provide existing graphs and scientific figures and we will return polished versions to you that meet your chosen journal’s artwork guidelines.

Need a new image created? Consider using our Academic Illustration service, where dedicated graphic designers turn your ideas into quality figures and illustrations for your article.

Table Formatting Service

We format tables to meet journal submission specifications, which usually require tables to be submitted in a text format. Plus, our table formatting service can format and export your tables as images for use in presentations and posters.

Please provide your tables as editable Excel or Word files.

Image Formatting

For images, we format them to the correct size, resolution, and layout to meet the specifications of your chosen journal. For ethical reasons, we are unable to make changes to brightness, contrast, or color balance, and we will not crop the image.

Please provide original image files with the highest resolution available.

PDF Review

In addition to providing you with the required file format required by your chosen journal (usually an EPS file), we’ll also provide a PDF version of your new figure for you to review.

Multiple Revisions

We want you to be completely satisfied with your final scientific and academic figures. You can request as many revisions as you need, within 60 days.

Figure Formatting Samples

Here are some samples.

Editing Image

Figure Formatting Sample 1

Editing Image

Figure Formatting Sample 2

Editing Image

Figure Formatting Sample 3

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