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Why Choose Cover Image Design?

Draw readers to your article with an eye-catching image that’s ready to be showcased on the journal cover. Our graphic designers create visually appealing artwork which reflects your research. You receive a high-resolution, print-ready image file formatted to the journal’s cover image guidelines.

Choose Cover Image Design

Cover Image Design Options

Standard Cover Image

Two-dimensional standard illustration

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Advanced Cover Image

Three-dimensional custom illustration

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Turnaround Time 4 business days 10 business days
Price $675 $950
Sample View Samples View Samples
Design Elements
Image type 2D Illustration 3D Artistic Illustration
Design style Templated icon and image sets Customized icons and images
Final file format PDF, JPG, and PNG PDF, JPG, and PNG
Inclusion of journal or university branding On request On request
Collaboration with Design Team
Draft Sketch Review
Final Review (one round)
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What You Receive

To ensure you have everything you need, you’ll receive

  • Your cover image design in PDF, JPG, and PNG formats
  • Supporting text (English only) that includes…
    • Suggested description text for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
    • Social media hashtags
    • Search engine optimized alt text for cover image
How It Works

Provide your original image file or image idea


Designer creates cover image that meets the journal’s cover image guideline


Approve Cover Image Design


Download final design and submit it via your accepting journal’s process

*Note that purchasing a Cover Image Design does not guarantee cover placement for the journal, which may follow a separate process and include additional fees. Check with your journal’s cover process for more information.

Pricing for Cover Image Design

Standard Cover Image

returned in
4 business days
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Advanced Cover Image

returned in
10 business days
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More Information About Cover Image Design

Eye-catching Images

Your Cover Image Design can help increase the readership of your article by drawing readers in with an eye-catching image. Our graphic designers create a visual that reflects your research, formatted for journal cover placement.

Two Design Styles

We offer both two- and three-dimensional designs to present your research with the most engaging illustration possible.

Standard Design includes a two-dimensional image and one round of design review.

Advanced Design includes a custom three-dimensional illustration and additional collaboration with the design team to review an initial sketch, as well as the final design.

Some journals require a specific art style. We recommend checking the author guidelines and previous cover images of your accepting journal to help select the best option for your Cover Image Design.

Submission-Ready Images

Once your Cover Image Design is complete, you can submit it to your accepting journal for consideration as a cover image. If your article is accepted by a Wiley journal, you can find the submission process on our Cover Image page of Author Services. Please note that while your Cover Image Design is very likely to be accepted for the journal cover, image selection decisions follow an approval process, and we cannot guarantee selection. Additional fees may apply. Please see here for more information.

Cover Image Submissions

Journals that accept cover image submissions often specify this in their author guidelines and acceptance letters. If the journal doesn’t mention cover image submissions in their guidelines or acceptance letters, you can contact the journal directly to inquire about this option. If you have submitted to a Wiley journal, you can find participating journals on our Cover Image page of Author Services.

If your accepting journal doesn’t consider cover images, we have a suite of Article Promotion services available, including an Infographic Creation service that summarizes your research at a glance.

Idea to Design

You can provide us with your original image file or an image idea, and our designers create your Cover Image Design that you can submit to the journal for consideration as a cover image. The final file you receive is a high-resolution file formatted to the cover image guidelines of your chosen journal.

Still Thinking?

Check out these sample designs

Editing Image

Cover Image Design 1

Editing Image

Cover Image Design 2

Editing Image

Cover Image Design 3

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